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Exhibited insects in the form of art collection-insectarium explore the phenomenon of still unknown life, which is born and disappears from the face of the planet with each new day. The world of insects belongs to the sphere of wild and unknown, and simultaneously links uncivilized and natural with highly urban and technological world. Quite often insects provoke fear, reminding us that we are not alone and that we are constantly surrounded by nature. For those of us who are more peaceful and have deeper insight, an insect is a possible other one which should be met before we judge him, bug is a metaphor of diversity in every sense, suggesting acceptance instead of prejudice.

A view of insects opens up a fascinating world of forms, colors and shapes, with each individual insect as a completely perfect work of art. Artist’s concept was not mimezis, but creation of personal ambiental unity, consisting of about hundred uniquely shaped insects, made using the technique terrasigilata combined with sculpted metal holders. Each insect presents an exceptional artistic assignment to find ideal balance between simple forms and decoration, position it is in and which transmits primordial vibrations such as hunger and hunting, fear, love call or quiescence, comparable with the world of highly developed mammals- humans.

The goal of this exhibit is to present artistically shaped insectarium, without dead animals, which paid the price for their diversity and surprising form, by being excluded from the chain of life. This idea is deeply humane, and bears the warning that size along with intelligence is not the only advantage people have, but that the development of humanity, personal and environmental awareness might be the factors that will save the planet in the third millennium.

MA Vuk Dautović

2010. „Insectarium“ ULUPUDS Gallery - Belgrade, Serbia

2010. „Bugs and Exoscelets’’ NBS Gallery - Belgrade, Serbia

2010. „Insectarium II“ Fonticus Gallery - Grožnjan, Croatia